Ten Tips to guide overseas students through PhD application process at Cardiff University

By Ahmed Alghamdi

Many of my friends have struggled when they apply to study for a PhD. They think that applying to PhD is similar to Master degree. Therefore, I hope that future students will benefit from my experience and understand the process. When my colleague Sarah asked me to write in our blog, my supervisor was in the room and she advised me to write about the application process. I found it an interesting topic and I started immediately to write for three reasons; to save me future time, to publish it on our blog so my friends and others can get the use from it and to encourage the blog team to keep publishing interesting and useful blogs.

Before I begin to show you the way to get the offer, you should understand that you are applying to Cardiff University which is one of the top universities in the UK, therefore, you should be proud to graduate from Cardiff University; so apply considerable effort to get here.

My Ten Tips for applying to a PhD programme at Cardiff University

1. Read deeply in your field, find the interesting topic and search for the gaps.

2. Write a proposal and cover the important components of the proposal such as;

a. The title

b. Literature ReviewAhmed 2

c. The gap

d. Aims and Objectives of the study

e. Methodology

f. Methods

g. Ethics

h. References


3. On the university website look for the school website and then search for a professor who is interested in your topic in general.

4. Contact him or her and send your proposal via the university email. They may then consider your proposal and either agree to be your supervisor or point you in the direction of another academic.

5. Apply online through the university system, mention the academics name and send your;

a. Proposal

b. CV

c. Master degree certificate

6. Be ready for the interview; it maybe Skype or telephone or face to face. They may ask you;

Ahmeda. To introduce yourself

b. About previous study

c. About your experience

d. About the proposal

e. General questions



7. Wait for the electronic acceptance letter.

8. Apply for a student visa T4

9. Travel to Cardiff by:

a. Plane

b. Train from Paddington Station in London to Cardiff Central Station (£42-£45 – 3:00 hours).

c. Bus from Heathrow airport to Cardiff direct. (£42-£45 – 3:00 hours)

d. Taxi from Heathrow airport to Cardiff direct. (£150-£200 – 2:30 hours)

10. In the first day at university;20140307_115840-1

a. Visit your supervisor

b. Pick up your student Card

c. Attend the induction day




Finally, I hope these steps will help you and don’t forget to visit me in the School of Healthcare Sciences.



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