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Back to Skool II

I met the new group of students enrolled on the Professional doctorate this week. They are all doing really interesting and clinically valuable projects. Although they have two years of taught modules before their research phase, they already have strong research ideas that come from their clinical practice:

Anne Owen: the introduction of the ‘nursing dashboard’ computer interface. evaluating its impact

Sian Lewis: How to improve compliance with dietary advice amongst patients with head and neck cancers following gastrostomy tube insertion

Janice Waters: Developing a tool to identify and assess children with behavioural problems that have a sexual dimension

Suzanne Harris: Evaluating the impact of discharging patients early following surgery

Claire McCarthy: the implementation of a nurse led minor injury clinic- perceptions of clinical and patient populations

Cath O’Brien: Examining the educational needs of trainee pharmacists

Mark Jones: Ensuring evidence based mental health care

Ricky Hellyar: Why haematology patients choose to participate in clinical trials?

Kate Deacon: How can we assess  patients for delirium in intensive care settings?

They asked for my top tips for surviving a phd… here they are…

Start writing now and keep writing- the more you do the better you get
Get it written, don’t get it right- we are not interested in perfection
Keep talking to your supervisors
Don’t think of the whole thesis or even ‘chapters’ (too scary), break it down into bite sized chunks that you can manage- from a thesis, down to 10,000 word chapters and in each chapter there could be 5 sections….so think in 2,000 word sections that are doable
It is all about perseverance, so keep calm and keep going….


Back to Skool

It’s been a busy and successful year. So here are some of our highlights…

  • Dr Sally Anstey obtained her PhD with minor corrections.
  • Amie Hodges and Nikki West were awarded Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarships to support their part-time PhD’s.
  • Mandayachepa Nyando and Mohammad Marie were awarded £1,250 prize from the University as our outstanding students of the year.
  • Shema Amer was recently honoured by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a high achieving postgraduate.
  • Nikki West has been shortlisted for the Royal College of Nursing ‘Nurse of the Year’.
  • Jessica Baillie obtained a post-doctoral position in the Medical School.

We are very proud of you all….

Welcome to our new students starting this year… Marie Lewis, Ahmed Alghamdi, David (Abdulrahman) Aldawood, Ani (Aniawanis) Makhtar, Nasiha Al-Braiki, Laura Goodwin, Dave Evans, Jane Davies, Sarah Fry, and Hama (Hamadziripi) Ngandu.

Well done to all of you for securing funding and also well done to Nasiha and Ani who have also been awarded International Research Scholarships by the University.

We are really pleased that we have been able to extend the PGR suite so that you can all have a desk and will be in the same room. We look forward to seeing your projects develop.

We also have a few highlights to look out for in the coming year….

  • Our new doctoral training programme includes regular seminars and methods ‘masterclasses’ throughout the year (available to download from our main PGR page).
  • 5 of you are close to submission so we are looking forward to a busy graduation next summer.

Your evaluation has put us in the top three of the 25 PGR programmes in Cardiff University in terms of overall student satisfaction. However, of course we want to improve on this, so let us know if there is anything we can do… our doors are always open.

Katie and Rosemary

Congratulations Dr. Sally Anstey

Sally had her viva yesterday and passed subject to minor corrections. Her viva lasted for one hour 45 minutes and her examiners were really impressed with her writing style (they found only three typos in the entire thesis) and her strong defence of her thesis. They added in their report that they are looking forward to reading this work in published papers and encourage her to present her work at international conferences. So Sally, once you have recovered, we look forward to hearing about your experience of the viva…

New studentship opportunities- please spread the word

Dear All

It is great to have an opportunity to post on your blog (thanks Dominic), I really enjoy reading your posts, so please keep them coming- they really remind me of the issues I faced when I was doing my PhD – many, many years ago – they are all really relevant to anyone doing a PhD, whatever their topic. We now have 27 students on our programme, so I hope we hear more of your voices coming through over time.

After just awarding three of our international students (Mandayachepa, Mohammad and Cindy) with 1250 pounds each to support fieldwork and training as part of the 125 for 125 awards (they will also get a congratulatory letter from our VC),  and our RCBC Early Career PhD Fellowship (congratulations Hama Ngandu, who will be starting in October), I am pleased to announce new funding opportunities within the School.

We have three studentships funded by the School and we are looking for applicants with a first-class or very good upper second Honours degree, who are highly motivated and creative nurse, allied healthcare professional or social scientist with an interest in completing a PhD in an area that will strengthen or extend our School’s programme of research.

  • Exploring and enhancing communication and emotional support in maternity care: Supervised by Professor Billie Hunter and will be based within the Maternal, Child and Family Health and Wellbeing research group.
  • Teenagers and young adults’ experience of being involved in treatment decisions about their cancer: Supervised by Professor Daniel Kelly and will be based within the Workforce, Education and Innovation research group.
  • Supervised by Professor Jane Hopkinson and will be based within the Emotional, supportive and Palliative Care research group, examining one of the following topic areas:
    • Nutritional care of cancer patients and their families
    • Psychosocial support of patients with cancer cachexia and their families
    • Innovations in supportive care for people with chronic conditions and complex needs, for example dementia
    • Investigating the emotional needs of patients with cachexia in non-malignant conditions
    • Understanding the patient and family carer dynamic and its implications for quality of life and the management of health problems

For further information and contact details follow this link.

RCBC Wales PhD studentship

The School is a collaborator within the RCBC scheme, which had 6 studentships available. If you are interested in the Cardiff University studentship, then please get in touch with me. The advert and expression of interest application form/guidance can be found at this link.