A message from Palestine

I am a full-time PhD student fully funded from Annajah National University, Nablus City in occupied Palestine. I have been a registered Staff Nurse in governmental and non-governmental hospitals for 11 years, working across a wide range of specialisms. In addition I worked as a lecturer within the School of Nursing at Annajah National University. I have taught many theory and clinical courses at Undergraduate and Master’s level, including clinical instructor for the MSc in the Community Mental Health Nursing Program and clinical instructor of nursing students (BSc) at undergraduate level.

My PhD research topic is ‘The Resiliency of Palestinian community mental health nurses in occupied Palestinian territories’. The objective of the study is to discover the sources of resiliency among nurses who have worked in very difficult conditions under occupation. The findings will be used to focus on and develop interventions to support nurses.

I have embraced life and study in Cardiff University. I found an excellent learning environment, warmth, support and a wonderful welcome from the Postgraduate department and colleagues. From the first day I recognized how much I have to learn from the excellence of this country in most aspects of lifestyle. I was learning new things continuously, always asking “why?” about unfamiliar things! Trying to get answers and understand the surrounding culture. Therefore, the first year may be the most exciting one in my life.

My willingness to learn and to develop myself always pushes me forward in spite of many challenges. Now I return home to collect my data and I am preparing for research ethics committee approval before I start collecting data. My positive experiences during the past year in lovely Cardiff inspire me to produce high quality data and achieve my goals. There will be other kinds of challenges during the second phase of the PhD project. I hope everything will go well and I will return back to the UK with my family to discover new things.

According to the Palestinian culture there is a saying: “Any one teaches me something, I will be his servant!” thank you for the Cardiff people who teach me many things. Deep thanks for PhD department at nursing school that are role model for others…..they grasp my hand from the first day; they are important source of resiliency for me. I hope one day I will do something positive to show my deep appreciations.

Many people came to my house to say welcome back as a part of our culture. All of them ask the same questions: “How is Cardiff and the UK? Tell us about the life in UK?” My background is lecturer, so it was my chance to teach and talk about invaluable Welsh culture!

I visited Annajah National University and discussed with my colleagues how to develop some aspects at Annajah. We started to compare between Cardiff and Annajah University, exchange ideas and think how to develop networks in the future. Annajah is the biggest University at Occupied Palestinian territories and able to survive and thrive in spite of much challenges. Annajah is considered role model of Sumud (close to resilience and steadfastness on the land), the story of Annajah development is shining example creating success inside surrounding challenges. All of my colleagues express the importance of studying the resilience of Palestinians and how it’s embedded in their Sumud culture. I hope my study will make difference to humanity and my experience in Cardiff city will make a difference to the Palestinians as well.

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  1. Catherine

    Mohammad, glad to hear you have returned home safely and are settling back into life with your lovely family. It is great to hear that you enjoy life in Cardiff and we are missing you greatly in the office. You comment that you learn something new every day and I think the same is true of us- you teach us something new about resilience and humility with your stories, which can only serve to make us appreciate how difficult nursing in other settings can be and in many respects how lucky we are here in Wales. Hope this post (this is my first ever blogging reply) finds you and your family well and safe.

    1. shema

      Mohammad, It ıs a great news that you are arrıved ın your home town be safe. I am so happy for that. we are really mıssıng you ın our offıce, but when we though about you went there to fınısh part of your study so we wıshıng you all the best and success. Thanks you very much for lettıng know us about your experıences and your unıversıty. I glad t hear about also your thoughts about the SONMS and our nursıng department , as well as our colleaques, who are always helpıng and supportıng us everytıme. Yes, you are absolutely rıght, we are so luck Phd students by studyıng ın Cardıff Unıversıty, partıcularly our nursing department. I belıeve that we are never ever forget them. Take care.

  2. Mohammad Marie

    Dear Cathrine and Shema
    Thanks for your time and reply.
    “The world is really small, when you turn around, you never know who you’ll meet. The world is really big, when you turn around, you never know who you’ll lose”.
    I miss all wonderful colleagues. I wish all the best in your PhD projects.


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